Running with Wolves Coaching

In partnership with The Wolfpack, Sports Therapy Studios offers personalized running and triathlon coaching programs. Our running coaching is tailored to each athlete’s needs, with a community-based approach and optional weekly group sessions.

The Wolfpack, one of South Africa’s largest running communities, fosters a vibrant running culture, uniting enthusiasts for collaborative training. Our experienced team of road and trail/ultra runners emphasizes connecting with your coach and embracing the power of community.

Our mission revolves around creating custom training programs that align with each athlete’s unique needs, goals, and schedules.

We offer premium and custom events-based training programs designed to help you achieve your desired athletic level. Simply tell us how much time you have to dedicate to training each week, and we’ll tailor a program around your chosen events and goals. Athletes training with us also receives year round discount on sports massages, even more reason to sign up! If you’re interested in learning more about our training programs, please send us an email, stop by for a chat or book a free 15 min consultation with us. Give our running coaching services a try today!

Meet The Coaches!

Meet Chloe!

Chloé, equipped with a BA degree in Sport Science and a BSc degree in Kinderkinetics, possesses a comprehensive understanding of exercise science. Her passion for trail running drives her to coach runners, guiding them towards achieving their goals. With her youth, she boldly challenges old ideas and practices, adapting to the fast-changing world. Chloé aims to craft intelligent training plans that empower athletes to perform at their best while juggling life’s priorities and mitigating injury risks. She prioritizes educating athletes about all aspects of the sport to enable them to make informed decisions during training and racing. Committed to your fitness, Chloé is ready to prepare you for success with a personalized program.

Meet Mike!

Coach, friend, and the guy with the biggest heart in the game, Michael Obery is a true jack of all trails. Whether running a 160km over Table Mountain or achieving a sub-3hr marathon, Mike’s versatility shines. His infectious passion and energy for running and health permeate everything he does, bringing together people from all walks of life through a shared love for moving our bodies. Mike actively aims to provide tailored coaching through in-person group sessions and maintains a no-nonsense coaching style. Having coached numerous athletes to surpass their envisioned goals, he demonstrates that with personalized programs and a strong athlete-coach relationship, the world is yours to conquer!